InterAct – Web-Based Control of Unifire Robotic Nozzles

InterAct – Web-Based Control of Unifire Robotic Nozzles

InterAct – Web-Based Control of Unifire Robotic Nozzles

Welcome to the age of technology!

Unifire’s InterAct™ graphical user interface and robotic nozzle control system opens a world of possibilities and is unique on the market.

It’s both a GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (“GUI”) and a TCP/IP NETWORK SYSTEM based on ultra modern INTERNET/ WEB TECHNOLOGY. This is the world’s first and only truly contemporary control system for robotic nozzles – making full use of the last decades of insane technical development in the computer world. Faster – much faster, much smaller and much cheaper computing power. The InterAct GUI was unimaginable only a few years ago.

UniWeb+Force80With InterAct, Unifire’s robotic nozzles, and indeed entire networks of nozzles and peripheral devices—such as CCTV cameras, flame detectors, lights, valves, tank level data, etc.—can now all be securely displayed and controlled on off-the-shelf display screens, touchscreen monitors, or over any web browser—Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Mac, and even over the Internet.

Customized “skins” and control / displays are easily tailored by Unifire to your needs and your particular project, language, features and system requirements.


Control Unifire’s robotic nozzles & tips, open and close valves, view tank levels, monitor the status of all systems and peripherals, view trouble-shooting guides and videos, and much more.

For large industrial installations this means:

UniWeb-Industry You can now install hundreds of UNIFIRE robotic nozzles. Connect by standard inexpensive TCP/IP technology (use existing computer infrastructure).

See system status of each individual nozzle with it’s connected peripherals at each control station. Know that the valves work. Know that the foam tank is full. Know that there is pressure throughout the whole installation. Receive an alarm and/or text message if any motor is bad, or cable is loose.

It is also possible to let individual robotic nozzle PLC’s communicate to aim the water stream at the same coordinate for example.

An infinite number of Robotic Nozzles with PLC’s can be networked. They can in turn be controlled from an infinite number of control stations or devices.

All systems can in turn be accessed over the Internet – allowing remote control from anywhere on the globe.

For fire truck or riot control vehicles this means:


You can connect all valves, and gauges to the TARGA PLC.

Display and control all connected equipment—robotic nozzles, joysticks & controllers, cameras, valves, lights, tank level indicators, etc.—over any standard display or touchscreen. Have several low cost displays in the vehicle, each dedicated to any or all systems on the network.

Connect a WiFi router and have wireless access and control of the whole vehicle from your tablet or smart phone.

It is quick and simple to have several language versions, change what content and functions that is displayed.

Add your company or customer logos, color themes, video camera feeds, etc.

Moreover, the system is extremely economical. Save time, money and hassle with InterAct!