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The following video is a live presentation of Unifire’s FlameRanger fully automatic fire detection & extinguishing system, presented on December 5, 2016, by Unifire’s Managing Director, Mattias Eggert, at Lighthouse Swedish Maritime Competence Centre’s seminar on Autonomous Vessels.


The following video is a general overview of the FlameRanger, including footage from one of the full-scale fire tests. This particular video shows a fixed installation for naval vessels, but the same setup applies to numerous applications, including tunnel fire protection, waste bunkers at waste-to-energy plants, warehouse protection, oil & gas facilities and numerous others.

The following video is a full-length Keynote Presentation of the FlameRanger XT for fire protection of high-rise building exteriors.

The following video provides a conceptual overview of Unifire’s FlameRanger XT system for fire protection of high-rise building exteriors.

The following video shows an example of the Unifire InterAct graphical user interface, enabling operators to monitor and control any number of networked FlameRanger systems.

The following video shows another example of the Unifire InterAct GUI, in this case for a vehicle control system:

This next video shows an example of networked robotic nozzles “dancing” in synchronicity, just because we can!

Unifire’s robotic nozzle manufacturing partner, BJ Gear, is a large, state-of-the-art facility, shown in the following video:

The following video, from 2009, provides an example of one of many installations Unifire has done at waste-to-energy plants for waste bunker protection. In terms of technology, we’ve come a long, long way since then, but even in 2009 we were arguably much more advanced than our competitors are today.

The following video is another 2009 vintage video showing another installation for waste bunker protection. Again, our technology is leaps and bounds more advanced now, yet even systems we did years ago are advanced by current standards and are still in outstanding working order protecting facilities around the globe.