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About Unifire

Unifire is the global leader in advanced robotic nozzle systems (the old generation of which are commonly known as “remote controlled monitors” or “fire fighting monitors” or ” water cannons”).

We have a passion for robotics and the rapidly-expanding possibilities we can achieve with the latest, state-of-the-art electronics hardware and software techniques. We have designed what is undoubtedly the world’s most capable, fully automatic fire detection and extinguishing robot.

We are constantly developing new capabilities, the use of various detection devices and bringing a whole new paradigm to the firefighting and safety industries. 


Our vision is to revolutionize fire safety in:

  • Tunnels
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Building Exterirors
  • Large Volume Spaces (LSV’s) on Naval Vessels
  • Oil & Gas Facilities (on- and off-shore)
  • Helicopter Landing Pads (Helidecks)
  • Stadiums
  • Warehouses & Storage Facilities
  • Airport & Train Station Arrival Halls
  • Power Plants & Wast-To-Energy Facilities
  • Factories
  • Smelting Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Storage Facilities
  • Atriums
  • Large Indoor & Underground Spaces
  • … and numerous other industries.


At Unifire, we are passionate about engineering, robotics and technology in general.

We love to play with possibilities in order to design and manufacture the most effective and elegant solutions on the market.

We think for ourselves. We think differently.

We use only the best systems available: high-end electronics, brushless (BLDC) industrial-robot-type motors, quality materials, craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques available anywhere in the world.

We just happen to design and manufacture state-of-the-art, fully automatic fire detection and extinguishing robotic nozzle systems for a wide variety of industries.


Here are a few of the things that really drive us each and every day:

  • FUTURISM – We are forward thinking, inspired by the future, and we love shaping it.
  • ELEGANCE – We admire beauty, style, elegance and grace and they shape our designs and products. Everything we do is inspired by these qualities.
  • TECHNOLOGY – Leading the way in the most advanced products that incorporate cutting-edge technology drives us.
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE – We constantly strive to manufacture the best performing products available anywhere in the world.

We share our passion with our customers and our suppliers. Join us in experiencing the future, today!


Since 1969, we’ve been shaping the future of nozzle technologies.

Unifire was founded in 1969 by Mr. Uwe Eggert, who had a vision to develop nozzles that were needed and lacking in his home town in Sweden.

He turned his vision into a leading and respected nozzle manufacturing company that is known globally as a mark of the highest quality nozzles available anywhere.

Uwe’s son, Mattias Eggert, began managing Unifire in 1994, and remains the Managing Director to this day. Mattias Eggert has continued the Eggert family tradition of bringing innovative, elegant, high-performance nozzles and monitors to the global market.

Unifire’s products serve a wide array of markets, including:

  • Anti-Pirate Water Cannons
  • Automatic Firefighting
  • Fixed Installations
  • Helideck / Helipad Protection
  • Incineration Plants
  • Industrial Firefighting
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Mining
  • Mobile Robotic Solutions
  • Municipal Firefighting
  • Oil & Gas
  • Riot Control
  • Super Yachts & Ships
  • Wash Down & Cleaning
  • Zoos, Fountains & Special Projects

Join us to experience the future of nozzle technologies today!