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Applications & Industries



Tunnel fires can be catastrophic, and very difficult to fight–until now! The FlameRanger is ideal for saving lives in tunnels. Rapid detection throughout the tunnel with almost instant response with pinpoint accurracy delivering a high volume of water or agent.


FlameRanger is ideal for the protection of stadiums and other large, open structures. Able to automatically detect and protect large areas, the system can also be monitored and even manually controlled from one or many control stations


Warehouses, indoor factories and large storage areas, whether above or below ground, require special fire detection and suppression systems. The FlameRanger is completely revolutionary in its ability to detect and react in seconds!

Building Exteriors

Designed specifically for skyscrapers and large building exteriors, Unifire’s FlameRanger XT provides fully automatic fire detection and suppression by  protruding from the building when fire is detected and dynamically suppressing any fire that breaks out until it is extinguished. Simple and economical to install for greatly improved fire safety of new and existing buildings. Click here to download the catalog.

Oil & Gas Facilities

FlameRanger is uniquely capable of automatically detecting and suppressing fires at oil & gas facilities of many kinds. Targeted, high-volume suppression begins in seconds of a fire breaking out. Large networks of automatic systems can be securely and constantly controlled, monitored and viewed from any designated control center in the world.


Protecting large atriums is a serious challenge for conventional firefighting systems. The FlameRanger is revolutionizing fire detection and extinguishing and is ideal for the protection of atriums and other large indoor spaces.


Aircraft carriers and other large storage areas on naval vessels and ships present a significant challenge to fire safety, particularly where highly inflammable and/or valuable assets are stored.  The FlameRanger provides ideal protection with high volume, precisely target firefighting with foam or other agents, commencing within seconds of the breakout of fire.


Trust FlameRanger to protect even the highest value aircraft and hangar facilities. Our system detects fires around the clock and, in seconds of breakout, deploys a high volume of foam, directly on the fire, until it’s out!


Train station arrival halls are large, high-ceiling structures that require a special approach to fire safety! The FlameRanger is ideal for automatically detecting and suppressing fires in arrival halls and similar structures, where sprinklers and other traditional solutions just won’t suffice.


Incineration plants, power plants and waste-to-energy facilities regularly experience fire. They require special firefighting protection. The FlameRanger provides fully automatic protection around the clock, while allowing human operators to intervene if and when they wish.


Airport arrival halls are large, high-ceiling structures that require a special approach to fire safety! The FlameRanger provides unparalleled performance, fully automatically detecting & suppressing fires in airport arrival halls, where sprinklers and other traditional solutions are inadequate.


The FlameRanger provides 24/7/365 protection of high risk areas, such as smelting plants and a wide variety of metal production facilities. Fully automatic detection of fires outside of designated areas and automatic suppression.

& Many More...

The applications listed on this page are just a few of the numerous possibilities. Do you have a project involving some other industry or need? The FlameRanger is highly flexible and uniquely capable of protecting almost any facility. Contact us to learn more.