UNIFIRE is a High-Tech Robotic Nozzle Technologies Laboratory. We make the world's most advanced, fully automatic fire detection & suppression robot, called FlameRanger™.

Unifire's FlameRanger detects fire in seconds of breaking out, locates and tracks its size and location in three-dimensional space, and automatically opens the valve and dynamically suppresses the fire with eerie, human-like performance. Welcome to the future of fire fighting!

FlameRanger takes in signals from advanced, IR array flame detectors which typically detect the presence of flame within seconds.

Within seconds of detecting a fire, our Force robotic nozzle automatically begins suppressing the fire with a high volume of water or foam, directly and dynamically on the fire's source, until it is out.

We sell globally, and we support our customers globally. Need new software or features--we'll have it to you in seconds via email!

FLAMERANGER - The World's Most Adanced Fire Fighting Robot

FlameRanger is a fully autonomous and automatic fire detection and suppression system. It is comprised of flame detectors, state-of-the-art electronics and software, and Unifire's advanced Force robotic nozzle.

Unifire's FlameRanger systems offer:
  • 24/7/365, Fully Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression (in seconds), with a high-volume of water or foam
  • Advanced IR Array Flame Detectors
  • Industrial-Robot-Type Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
  • Automatic Control of Valve to Open During Fire, and Close When Extinguished
  • Manual Remote Control by Joystick, Phone, Tablet, PC, via WiFi or Internet
  • Monitor and Control Networks of FlameRanger Systems from one or more central stations, on- or off-site
  • Remote software updates from Unifire
  • Numerous Digital & Analogue Inputs & Outputs for Control of System Peripherals
  • and so many more...

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