FlameRanger Fully Autonomous Firefighting Robot

The World's Most Advanced Fire Fighting Robot Introducing FlameRanger™ Fire Detection & Suppression 24/7/365 Fully Automatic & Autonomous

FLAMERANGER - Fully Automatic Fire Detection & Extinguishing System

FlameRanger is a turn-key, revolutionary,  High Flow, Fully Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System designed and sold by Unifire AB of Sweden.

The FlameRanger combines its state-of-the-art Unifire Force™ robotic nozzles (aka “remote controlled firefighting monitors” or “water cannons”) with one or more cutting-edge flame detection technologies (IR3, IR Array, Thermal Imaging and/or Video Analytics) and our advanced electronics and software.

FlameRanger detects heat and/or fire, locates and tracks its position in real-time and, without any human intervention required, the system automatically and autonomously aims the robotic nozzles at the fire (or fires) with great accuracy and suppresses it with a large volume of water (or foam), directly on the fire’s source, within seconds of detection, until extinguished.

Unifire offers turn-key fully automatic fire detection and suppression solutions for a wide variety of applications and needs.

Unifire’s FlameRanger is ushering in a whole new era of advanced firefighting technology.