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FlameRanger Overview


Unifire’s FlameRanger is a revolutionary, a High Flow Automatic Fire Detection & Extinguishing System designed and sold by Unifire AB of Sweden.

The FlameRanger combines advanced flame detectors with Unifire’s Force™ robotic nozzle technologies.

The system detects, locates and tracks fires in real time and in three-dimensional space.

Without any human intervention required, the system aims the robotic nozzles at the fire (or fires) with great accuracy and suppresses it with a large volume of water (or foam), directly on the fire, within seconds of detection, until extinguished.

The FlameRanger has been successfully tested by the U.S Navy’s Naval Research Laboratory. FlameRanger scientifically proved the ability to suppress fires, all in under 21 seconds, by each of the following means:

• Novice operator using the PI joystick;
• Pre-recorded spray pattern (record/play);
• Fully automatic mode; and
• Fully automatic mode on multiple fires.

What’s more, thanks to Unifire’s exclusive UniWeb™ system, FlameRanger is monitored, controlled & displayed over any web-based device, such as PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, or even SmartPhone.

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