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UNIFIRE’s FlameRanger XT – Fully Automatic Building Fire Detection & Extinguishing System

UNIFIRE’s FlameRanger XT – Fully Automatic Building Fire Detection & Extinguishing System

UNIFIRE’s FlameRanger XT – Fully Automatic Building Fire Detection & Extinguishing System

Unifire AB of Sweden announces a revolutionary robotic nozzle system, called FlameRanger XT, designed to automatically detect and suppress exterior building fires.

Fires that break out on the exteriors of buildings present a particularly hazardous and difficult scenario for extinguishing. Rapid intervention is of the essence and can make the difference between a small incident and a catastrophic fire.

Unifire AB designed its FlameRanger XT to constantly monitor the exteriors of buildings for any sign of flame. In the event of a fire, the FlameRanger XT not only detects the fire, but also knows its exact location. A boom outfitted with a high-volume robotic firefighting nozzle then automatically protrudes from the building and aims a high volume of water directly at the fire to suppress it. Each robotic nozzle boom can react to up to four separate fires.

The following is a brief introduction of the system. For more information, click here to download the FlameRanger XT catalog.

All large fires start as a small fire. Early detection and early extinguishing, therefore, are key to successfully avoiding catastrophic, fully developed fires.

What it does
the FLAMERANGER XT is a high capacity, fully automatic, fire detection and extinguishing system designed to provide fast detection and extinguishing of potentially catastrophic fire incidents on the exterior of buildings.

How it works
The system uses 2 x FV300 Array IR Detectors to see and position a flame in 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z). Also, the size and volume of the flame are detected. The FV300 detectors are directly connected to the TARGA Robotic Nozzle PLC by Modbus.

Up to 4 separate flames can be detected simultaneously.

As a flame is detected, the system extends a robotic arm, with a robotic nozzle. The TARGA Robotic Nozzle PLC opens the valve or starts pump when the nozzle is aimed at the target fire.

A large flow of water is accurately dumped onto the target. The spray angle is also automatically adjusted. The stream dynamically follows the flame, if the flame moves or spreads.

When flames are extinguished, the water will close automatically, and the system goes back to standby mode, ready to reactivate should the flame reignite.

Each individual, fully self contained and stand alone system, has a builtin Web-server, allowing an operator to remote control any system from any PC/Laptop/Smartphone with a web browser.

Groups Cooperate
A FLAMERANGER system that detects a flame will activate its neighboring system to provide support to the extinguishing and to provide protection to the rest of the building.

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