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Daily Archives : August 10, 2016

Minimal Functional Requirements for Effective, Automatic Exterior Building Fire Protection Systems

Click HERE to download in .pdf MINIMAL FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR EFFECTIVE, AUTOMATIC EXTERIOR BUILDING FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS Exterior building fires present a very real threat and are particularly difficult for firefighters to effectively combat. Fire grows exponentially. Unless a fire is detected and extinguished very quickly, it rapidly spreads out of control. Rapid detection and…

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Material Requisition for a Fully Automatic Fire Detection & High-Flow Robotic Nozzle Suppression System

Click HERE to download. MATERIAL REQUISITION FOR A FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE DETECTION & HIGH-FLOW, ROBOTIC NOZZLE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM I. System Overview: A. General System Description The specifications herein are for a fully automatic fire detection and high-flow fire suppression system. The system shall be capable of rapid flame detection and accurate suppression by means of…

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